Colm Kerr

Colm Kerr, LIPPA, LIPF is a full time commercial photographer and director of photography with an international portfolio of clients spanning many sectors.

A leading architectural photographer, Colm’s background in Industrial Engineering has proved to be an asset; he approaches architectural photography mathematically and methodically.  Colm challenges himself to produce creative images to sell your products and business thinking outside the box when it comes to art direction.

An avid hobby photographer too, Colm is a member of the local camera club where he showcases his landscapes and fine art photography.

Colm has over twenty years’ experience in the design and print industry which has proved to be of importance while offering a commercial photography service to corporate clients, his knowledge of how for example papers and finishes impact on printed photographs is invaluable. When commissioned for a corporate shoot Colm takes the time to understand the clients need and aspirations before capturing sharp strong images that can be used throughout many mediums.